VLM-London Marathon

A Bit Of Fun Goes Viral

Who’d have thought that when my friend, Miranda, shot some footage of me attempting to run 400m at Kipchoge’s World Record Marathon pace at the VLM Expo, it would go viral (785K views) and lead to usual mix of good and bad comments!


Back in 2017, I went to London with my good friends Nigel & Miranda to collect their race numbers for the VLM (Virgin London Marathon). The registration was at the London Marathon Expo at the ExCel centre.

While there, we naturally had a look around the various sports manufacturers selling their wares when we came across the travelator, a massive treadmill set to the speed (for men) of 12.722mph. The pace that Eliud Kipchoge ran to get his World Record in the Marathon. This was 4:41 per mile. Quite insane!

After much encouragement, I gave it a go. Miranda filmed it. I uploaded it to YouTube. It was forgotten about.

A few months later I started getting a lot of comments from YouTube. Initially, I thought they were from my Nirvana post as that had amassed over 1 million views, but no, it was from my running video.

I still have no idea why it got so many views, but the trolls seemed to be out in force. Here are a few choice ones, and some complimentary comments too…

‘Dude can’t even use his arms. We might as well cut them off.’

‘Runs like a girl… nice wrists. LMAO.’

‘I don’t know how but he runs kinda gay.’

‘Are y’all egos so hurt that you have to make yourselves feel good by criticising a 50-year-old man? grow up.’

‘Fake, he’s not black.. With stolen goods.’

‘10% him 90% all machine! Great job treadmill, he couldn’t have done it without you!!!’

‘Gary Lineker’s still got it.’

‘I am 100 percent positive that he is gay his posture resembles a gay guy and his form is nasty but good job to him.’

‘For a guy his age, that’s really good!’

‘He made it look too easy! In jeans too!’

‘Very impressive to do this at your age in plain clothes. (Not that you are old but you get the point 🙂 )’

‘Genuinely confused is this supposed to be fast’

‘Anyone that doesn’t understand the magnitude of running a 70 second 400 108 times, isn’t a real runner.’

‘As a sprinter, I can say he is amazing for his age’

‘Don’t listen to the people who are only here to hate. Most of them probably can’t run near this time.’

You can read more comments here…

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